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Is Home Staging Worth the Expense?

home staging

Home staging may cost more upfront, but it can reduce the time it takes to fill a vacancy.

When preparing to sell your home and purchase a new one, it can be easy to get overwhelmed at the various costs you encounter and try to cut corners. Many homeowners doubt that home staging is worth the expense and wish that they’d done so after the fact! Why is home staging worth the expense and how can it add value to your property?

Home Staging 101

Think of home staging like interior design for a home that isn’t being lived in. A home stager has similar training and knows how to choose the right colors, fabric, furniture, and layout to showcase the beauty and potential of your home. A great home stager can transform your lived-in and customized space into one that allows potential buyers to see themselves in the home—not you!

What Are the Steps of the Home Staging Process?

Home stagers will typically first visit your home and prepare a report detailing what they think should be done to the home, the cost, and a plan for getting things done. They are primarily concerned about showcasing your home’s best features and hiding the less-than-flattering ones. They will tell you which furniture items are worth keeping in the home and which are worth removing for show purposes. They can also help arrange repairs on your home and oversee the work. After the canvas is ready, they will bring in additional furniture, décor, and homey objects and arrange them in an appealing manner.

Is Home Staging Really Worth It?

Now that you know the steps, we answer the final question—is home staging really worth the added expense? Many buyers find that offers are higher and easier to get with a staged home that appears to be move-in ready. When the real estate market is good, you can even benefit from potential buyers trying to outbid each other to get your home (and enjoy offers above the asking price!).  A recent survey showed that over 80% of home buyers are more likely to overlook potential issues when walking through a professionally staged home, which is great news for your bottom line.

Professional Home Staging for Your Property

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